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Project extract

THE VIKINGS Season 6                       Michael Hirst

THE VIOLIN                                    Konstantin Fam

BERLIN STATION                         John David Coles

THE CROATIA CRIME               Michael Kreindl


BEFORE THE DAWN           Maria Schrader

THE TRANSPORTER                          Camille Delamarre


JACK RYAN                                     Kenneth Branagh


"Another world"                       Nicolai Rohde

FATE YEARS                           Miguel Alexandre

THE MAN WITH THE BASSOON          Miguel Alexandre

THE POPESS                                    Sönke Wortmann

THE FAKERS                                 Stefan Ruzowitzky -


THE CHERRY QUEEN                  Rainer Kaufmann

ENEMY AT THE GATES                     Jean  Jacques Annaud

KIKI & TIGER                                   Alain Gsponer

ENGLAND!                                    Achim von Borries

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